A letter from grown–ups to our little ones

Knee-high to a grasshopper, you are sometimes overlooked in our eyes. Yet, we too were once like you… moving through this world with eyes filled with wonder.

Today, all of us who influence the world you live in, promise to be by your side as you live, learn and grow.

We vow to give you more of our time so that you can grow surrounded by love. You are like a delicate flower that needs water, sunshine and protection to flourish and radiate all the love you have inside.

We promise to work together to support you. You bring joy to your parents and happiness to every life you touch. We need your laughter and light.  We need you to be in our lives.  Thanks to you, we continue to grow!

We aspire to build places where you can be free, make friends and play unburdened from any of the worries that the world may throw your way. Because you deserve a chance, wherever you come from, whoever you are.

To be with you every step of the way… hand in hand.

That is our promise to you.

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