Word of welcome

We are delighted to present you the Grand Rally for our Little Ones, which will take place on November 20 and 21 at the Centre des congrès de Québec as part of the third edition of the Early Childhood Week.

The idea to introduce an annual week-long event that would publicize our concern for Québec’s preschoolers was first floated at the Forum Tous pour eux 2015, an event at which Avenir d’enfants gathered together nearly 550 participants. One in four children today still begin kindergarten in a vulnerable position regarding at least one of the five areas of their overall development—a completely unacceptable state of affairs.  Our most cherished wish is to see that all children can thrive in conditions that enable them to reach their full potential. This is why the Early Childhood Week seeks to build awareness among relevant decision-makers, targeting those stakeholders in particular who are less directly implicated in early childhood issues, so that the importance of early action can be recognized as a collective responsibility.

This year the Early Childhood Week program includes a grand rally event geared to decision-makers implicated in their communities as well as the main Québec networks that can help improve young children’s situations.  The two-day event will allow us to take stock of the progress made to date in early childhood development in Québec, as well as identify the challenges that remain. We also will be able to share the strategies being undertaken to achieve long-term changes and make a collective commitment to continue the movement for advancing early childhood development, particularly in the context of Avenir d’enfants’ ending mandate.

We would like to point out that the Grand Rally for our Little Ones has been made possible thanks to the contributions and the involvement of all Early Childhood Week partners.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Jean-Pierre Hotte, Chair of the Board, Avenir d’enfants

Isabelle Lizée – CAMF, Co-chair of the Early Childhood Week

Lucie Champagne – AQCPE, Co-chair of the Early Childhood Week



Early Childhood Week is an opportunity to raise awareness, promote dialogue and engage society about early childhood matters.