Québec’s wee ones are not just the future of our society, they’re also its present

Since 2009, Avenir d’enfants has been actively connecting with a wide range of local and regional stakeholders around the province to address issues related to the development of babies and toddlers, from the perinatal period to preschool. The Tous pour eux forum in November 2015 spoke volumes about the power of this commitment.

The idea of creating an Early Childhood Week emerged during this forum. It was agreed that the energy and enthusiasm shown by participants needed to trickle over to stakeholders in other sectors that are traditionally less concerned by early childhood matters, starting with the business and municipal communities.

For the past six decades, November 20 has marked Children’s Day, here and around the world, to remind people that young people have the right to be respected as individuals and to grow up in an environment that allows them to achieve their full potential.

Thus was born a movement, bringing together engaged organizations and individuals to put issues concerning the development of babies and toddlers front and centre.

These partners are committed to making Early Childhood Week an opportunity to promote awareness, dialogue and engagement regarding the development of the very youngest members of society.

Early Childhood Week is an opportunity to raise awareness, promote dialogue and engage society about early childhood matters.