A Positive Outcome

Thousands of signatures in support of the Lettre des grands aux tout-petits, media presentation of the first Overview of Québec’s 0 to 5-year-old children, many local and regional activities and mobilization of several sectors of our society around early childhood: the organizers of the Early Childhood Week consider the outcome of the first edition to be a very positive one.

We have reached the goals we had set for ourselves concerning this first Week. Québec’s little ones were at the forefront and got the attention we wished they would get all year round. As a society, we now know more about their living conditions and where improvements are desirable.

The Week was also the opportunity to highlight the thousands of activities for the little ones that happen all year round in Québec. We now wish that this enthusiasm keeps its momentum going so that our little ones remain at the centre of Québec’s society’s priorities.

Jean-Pierre Hotte, Chairman of the Board of Avenir d’enfants and spokesperson for the Early Childhood Week

Early Childhood Week is an opportunity to raise awareness, promote dialogue and engage society about early childhood matters.