Québec’s wee ones are not just the future of our society, they’re also its present

For over 60 years, November 20 has been the Universal Children’s Day. In doing this, we want people to remember that a child has the right to the respect of their individuality and to grow up in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential.

Partners from Québec not only wanted to celebrate this Universal Day but build a whole week around it during which early childhood is placed front and centre. It’s our entire society’s role to create environments that foster children to reach their full potential. And that starts the moment they are born!

From November 18–24, 2018, the Early Childhood Week will be an opportunity to communicate and establish a dialogue around the development of little ones and highlight local and regional initiatives that support early childhood while mobilizing society as a whole, from community groups to the business world and, of course, elected officials.

Many activities and events will be held all over Québec during the whole week.

Let’s all hold hands for the little ones!

To be with you every step of the way… hand in hand. That is our promise to you.